About Us

The UK’s sports councils (UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Wales, sportscotland and Sport Northern Ireland) are committed to promoting and developing equality and inclusive practices throughout the sport and physical activity sector so that every individual, no matter their ability or background, can participate fully and enjoy the mental and physical health benefits that come from being active. In 2020, the Sports Councils’ Equality Group (SCEG), a working group made up of representatives from each of the sports councils, commissioned a comprehensive review of its Equality Standard for Sport to ensure that it remained fit for purpose to support organisations in driving real change in equality, diversity and inclusion.

Feedback from partners highlighted the need to change the structure and functionality of the Standard to help facilitate a meaningful and continuous development journey. The outcome of the review is the creation of the new Moving to Inclusion Framework. This is a practical tool comprising 5 developmental pillars: Leadership, Culture, Experience, Relationships and Communications. Within each pillar are a series of self-reflection diagnostic indicators that enable an organisation, regardless of its size, to consider areas of strength and areas for development. The framework provides supportive suggestions for each self-identified area which inform continuous improvement planning and implementation.

Moving to Inclusion is intended to drive meaningful change in practice, tackling inequalities, leading to sustainable progress in the representation, diversity, and positive inclusive experiences for leaders, the wider workforce, and participants of sports, physical activity and movement organisations.